Now healthcare providers can monitor patients’ vital signs remotely, in real time with user-friendly, lightweight wearable technology, allowing them to go about their daily lives

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) improves patient outcomes by:

  • assisting early detection of critical health challenges
  • reducing hospital re-admissions
  • potentially saving lives
  • cutting healthcare costs
  • providing peace of mind for patients and loved ones.

What’s more, armtrackr™ remote monitoring is now fully reimbursible under Medicare and insurance, making it even more accessible to millions of patients in the USA.

Wearable Remote Patient Monitoring System

For Providers

Find out how the armtrackrsolution completes the Circle of Care

  • simple to set up and administer
  • 24/7 coverage of patients at risk
  • Vital signs tracked with built-in alerts
  • Integrated billing and reporting
  • HIPAA compliant platform
  • cut costs and increase practice revenues

For Patients

Find out how an armtrackr™ gives you the peace of mind to go about your daily life

  • lightweight, water-resistant, unobtrusive
  • 24/7 monitoring your health and sleep
  • quick recharging, lasts for days
  • reminders, alerts and SOS functions
  • Save hospital or doctor visits
  • fully covered by insurances

Introducing armtrackr™
YesDoctor™ patient dashboard

Lifestyle Solution for 24 Hour Remote Patient Monitoring

armtrackr™ is improving patient outcomes, by offering healthcare providers cutting edge wearable technology to monitor their health and vital signs remotely.

armtrackr™ device is lightweight and user friendly and can be worn by any patient to detect and relay their vital signs 24/7 to our doctor portal where their healthcare provider can monitor them remotely, with real time tracking for billing.

armtrackr™ uses the latest medical-grade sensors and AI algorithms to deliver heart rate, blood pressure, ECG (lead 1), HRV, Stress levels and Vascular Elasticity and AFib risk, and even sleep hygiene (quality); plus all the regular metrics you’d expect from a smartwatch like step counter, calories, activity levels and so on.

armtrackr™ constantly relays its data to our mobile application, which then uploads it to our centralized and secure HIPAA-compliant dashboard where it can be accessed to monitor your patients’ heart, health and lifestyle information.
Helping you make the best choices for patients.

arm remote patient monitoring

Real-Time ECG/PPG

ECG sensors measure the bio-potential generated by electrical signals and PPG sensors use a light-based technology to sense the rate of blood flow. Delivers report on demand

Blood Pressure Monitor

Calibrate for reliable readings on demand

Heart Rate BMP

Heart Rate/BPM

Real time, continuous heart rate monitoring allows you or your care provider to watch out for anomalies and be alerted if needed

HRV Reporting

HRV Reporting

Uses AI algorithms to detect Heart Rate Variability

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Monitoring

Worn 24/7 armtrackr™ will detect both quality and quantity of sleep

SOS Feature

SOS Alert

If the patient feels unwell or at risk, they can easily trigger an alert to friends and family or their healthcare provider

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Syed Rahmanuddin MBBS(MD)

“armtrackr™ is one of the most advanced, innovative technologies…providing vital patient information with a single click to the physician remotely…it give ECG and heart rate and a lot more information …”

Syed Rahmanuddin MBBS(MD)
Assistant Professor of Radiology and Director of the 3D Advanced Imaging Center, City of Hope, NCI-designated Cancer Center

“ARM products include the latest in technology to make your life better. No matter what your issues are, your day to day vital signs are captured and monitored actively through the armtrackr™ platform.”

Dr Reginald Abraham
Chief Medical Officer, Cardiothoracic Surgeon - Minimally Invasive Heart and Lung Surgery

“I’ve been a healthcare professional for over 30 years because I wanted to help the most vulnerable in society. And that’s really what attracted me to ARM and the armtrackr™ program. This is an excellent product and I am looking forward to sharing it with the world.”

Michael T. Phillips
CEO Silverlake Medical Center, Chief Operating Officer at the Regenerative Health and Wellness Institute
Jerry Barajas

“In almost 30 years as a healthcare professional I have watched the healthcare industry evolve. I always try to remain at the forefront of technology which is why I have chosen to work with ARM to monitor our patients in real time, leading to better patient care, and hence better patient outcomes. I love this technology so much not only do I use it personally; I have both my parents using it as well.”

Jerry Barajas
Healthcare Executive, RiteCare LLC and Advanced Palliative Services (APS) LLC
Stan Cottrell

“As an Ultra-Distance Runner, over more than 3 decades, I have now run across the USA twice and 40 different countries…..and I need to take of my body and know what’s going on with it…I have seen 1000s of products …but ARM brings a whole new dimension of self-monitoring…and if ‘something ain’t doin’ right’ they immediately notify you…it’s a product whose time has come and brings a whole new dimension to living…ARM can make in difference in your life as it’s doing in mine…”

Stan Cottrell
World Ultra Distance Runner, Guinness World Record Holder.
Paryus Patel MD

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can empower patients to better manage their health and participate in their health care. When used by clinicians, RPM can provide a more holistic view of a patient’s health over time, increase visibility into a patient’s adherence to a treatment, and enable timely intervention before a costly care episode. Clinicians can strengthen their relationships with, and improve the experience of, their patients by using the data sent to them via RPM to develop a personalized care plan and to engage in joint decision-making to foster better outcomes. I supports initiatives that increase access to and incentivize the appropriate design and use of evidence-based remote patient monitoring technologies. Traditionally, the medical information shared between provider and patient has remained within the confines of a healthcare facility. RPM changes the paradigm by gathering electronic data into a data repository that is remote from the health facility, yet readily accessed and shared with various health care providers involved in a patient's care or can be used for research or educational purposes. With accessibility, however, come challenges to maintaining the privacy of patient health information and potential issues related to liability and reimbursement for RPM-related services. Armtrackr provides a innovative, comprehensive and state of art device fulfills the demand that are required on RPM in today world

Paryus Patel
Corporate CMO - PrimeHealthcare

“ARM is a fast forward for healthcare as it has accelerated the improvement in the provider-client relationships thru advanced technology resulting in better connectivity and outcomes.”

Vincent J Bennett MD FAAEM

It is not a question of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ remote patient monitoring technologies like ARM will become a standard tool to control cost, improve quality and access to care in our communities. I have been in healthcare technology for the last 15 years and we are finally catching up digitally to other industries like banking and manufacturing. Capture of patient data in the Electronic Health Record is just the start - only including a small snapshot of health based on episodes of care when in direct contact with your practitioner. In order to establish a true Comprehensive Health Record, we must have a means to monitor patients outside of clinic and hospital walls. The ARM team has accomplished this with a device that is both comfortable and precise; recording multiple variables simultaneously. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure security of the data and usability of the portal for caregivers. Cost avoidance is also no longer a prohibitive factor thanks to the engagement models ARM offers. Now that health systems have successfully implemented single EHRs, the logical next step is to invest in a robust RPM program that will pay dividends most importantly with improved health of patients, but also financially by reducing reducing readmissions and managing value based risk.

Stephen R. Tokarz

Introducing the experienced armtrackr™ team

Seasoned professionals from the fields of Healthcare and medicine, customer acquisition, and technology integration have teamed up to develop an open yet sophisticated platform for Remote Patient Monitoring

Abigail Aboitiz

Nigel Allan

Partners in Health

Launching Soon

armtrackr™ system available Spring 2020.
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