armtrackr™ for Healthcare Providers

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is seen as the future of healthcare and with the recent introduction of CMS Billing codes is fully covered by insurance and Medicare.

The armtrackr™ ecosystem comprises a user-friendly, lightweight and water-resistant smartwatch for continuous readings of major vital signs, a smartphone app to store these readings and enable quick access for the patients, along with alerts and smart notifications, and a HIPAA-compliant Cloud portal for the healthcare provider to log in and monitor their patients’ health metrics in real time, remotely.

Together with our Partners In Health, our platform completes the Circle of Care for caregivers, improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital readmission’s whilst simultaneously providing your practice with additional recurring revenue streams.
Our simple onboarding process allows you to add new patients in minutes and start monitoring straightaway. The unique and simple software platform allows you to gain vital insights into patient lifestyle, and heart health and, more importantly, be able to do this remotely without calling them into the clinic.

It assists early detection of patient complications, with built in alerts for anomalous readings, as well as SOS emergency features which send SMS alerts to friends and family or the healthcare professional with the patient’s exact GPS location set by Google Maps.

Introducing the "YES Doctor"
Remote Patient Monitoring Dashboard

A simple and effective remote patient dashboard that constantly relays patient data from their armtrackr device to one concise location allowing “Real Time” and visually impressive results and trends.

AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3

1. Register as a healthcare provider on YesDoctor™  by filling in your details

2. Enrol a patient, assign them an armtrackr™ and download the app onto their phone

3. Start monitoring, and start billing

armtrackr™ remote patient monitoring wristband

Simple to administer to patients with a minimum of onboarding time and patient education. This easy to wear, lightweight and water-resistant device provides help and peace of mind to patients. Its practical functionality encourages positive health and lifestyle choices, leading to better patient outcomes. Charging takes around 30 minutes in any standard USB socket without any additional wires and lasts for up to 7 days of regular use. This makes for one of the most practical and unobtrusive lifestyle devices that patients will love to use, making your monitoring of the patient more comfortable and data-rich.

armtrackr™ personal health app

Available on both Android and Apple iOS platforms this easy to use application acts as a personal lifestyle and health companion for your patient, while relaying armtrackr™ wristband data to our HIPAA-compliant Cloud Servers allowing you to view patient health and heart patterns remotely. As well as recording and relaying all vital metrics, the app allows up to 10 reminders each day for medicines or other positive lifestyle activities

Many studies have shown that people with health and lifestyle applications tend to do more exercise. The app reinforces this pattern, as the patient is aware you are monitoring them gives an even higher level of personal health accountability.

arm remote patient monitoring

YesDoctor™ - RPM Dashboard

This proprietary software accepts incoming data from all your remote monitored patients and allows you or your chosen medical staff to view them in almost real-time, from your desk or even on the go.

Through this portal you can:-

  • Administer new armtrackr’s to your patients.
  • Create watchlists of patients.
  • Annotate Patient Records
  • View Graphs or Patient Heart Data
  • Review Patients’ Lifestyle Data
  • Create Billing Reports
  • Add Additional Remote Monitoring Devices


As well as many other features in development.


Real-Time ECG/PPG

ECG sensors measure the bio-potential generated by electrical signals and PPG sensors use a light-based technology to sense the rate of blood flow. Delivers report on demand

Blood Pressure Monitor

Calibrate for reliable readings on demand

Heart Rate BMP

Heart Rate/BPM

Real time, continuous heart rate monitoring allows you or your care provider to watch out for anomalies and be alerted if needed

HRV Reporting

HRV Reporting

Offers and instant reading of patient electrocardiagram, at your fingertips.

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Monitoring

Offers and instant reading of patient electrocardiagram, at your fingertips.

SOS Feature

SOS Alert

Offers and instant reading of patient electrocardiagram, at your fingertips.

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armtrackr™ system available Spring 2020.
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