armtrackr™ for Patients

Have you heard about Remote Patient Monitoring?

Did you know that it’s now possible to use a small comfortable wristband to send real-time medical data to your healthcare provider, ensuring that someone is watching over your health even while you go about your daily life?

Most smartwatches allow you to monitor your own vital signs yourself, but armtrackr™ goes further and allows your healthcare provider to monitor your vital signs remotely giving both you and your loved ones the peace of mind that even when you are not visiting your doctor he and his staff are watching over you.

How can you get an armtrackr™ system to watch your health completely FREE? Ask your doctor to register for the YesDoctor™ Dashboard and armtrackr™ solution today to see if you qualify.
Alternatively, if you are not eligible under Medicare and Insurance to receive this free of charge, you may purchase a user-friendly system directly for yourself and loved ones

armtrackr™ remote patient monitoring wristband

With interchangeable straps in 4 stylish colors to seamlessly blend in to your lifestyle, armtrackr™ is discreet yet powerful. You are secure in the knowledge that your healthcare provider is watching over you supported by a 24 hour customer care center staffed with clinicians for when he is unavailable.

As your doctor about armtrackr™ or register for more information yourself.

Want to find out more about armtrackr™

A range of features to track and protect your
health and wellness

Welcome to the armtrackr health, lifestyle and remote patient app.

Monitor your health, steps, sleep patterns and personal heart details, while sharing that vital data with your doctor or medical specialist. 


Real-Time ECG/PPG

ECG sensors measure the bio-potential generated by electrical signals and PPG sensors use a light-based technology to sense the rate of blood flow. Delivers report on demand

Blood Pressure Monitor

Calibrate for reliable readings on demand

Heart Rate BMP

Heart Rate/BPM

Real time, continuous heart rate monitoring allows you or your care provider to watch out for anomalies and be alerted if needed

HRV Reporting

HRV Reporting

Uses AI algorithms to detect Heart Rate Variability

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Monitoring

Worn 24/7 armtrackr™ will detect both quality and quantity of sleep

SOS Feature

SOS Alert

If the patient feels unwell or at risk, they can easily trigger an alert to friends and family or their healthcare provider

Launching Soon

armtrackr™ system available Spring 2020.
Become an early adopter of the armtrackr™ system and drop your email in the box below and we’ll keep you informed.